Commercial Window and Glass Tinting

KAUFF’s Tint is Florida’s premiere commercial window tinting company. Whether your company is headquartered at the top of a skyscraper or on a quiet street corner, we can handle your window film application needs.

Window film makes your office a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing place to work. We offer a selection of window solutions, including anti-graffiti film, privacy tint and films designed to reduce heat and save on energy costs. For commercial ventures, our window tint approach is threefold: savings, safety and security.


Window tint blocks the sun’s hot rays during the summer and acts as an insulator during the winter. Within the first month of applying window film, you’ll see the savings on your energy bill.

Progress Energy, Florida Power and Light, TECO Rebates and government agencies all offer rebates or tax credits for window film application to make your property more energy efficient. KAUFF’s experts can help you pick the right window film to qualify for these rebates.


Our top-of-the-line safety films help safeguard your building from theft and burglary. Our experienced technicians are trained in a range of installation techniques, from simple daylight attachments to government-regulated anchoring. We offer special types of window film that can protect your property from debris in winds up to 180 miles per hour.


It’s no secret that windows are a vulnerable spot when it comes to building security. Potential intruders and inclement weather can both result in shattered windows, which also become a safety threat to those near the broken glass.

Safety window film is an excellent tool to dramatically strengthen your business’ windows, making them nearly impossible to shatter. If a window covered with safety film is broken, the glass is held together by the film instead of falling into dangerous shards.

Commercial window film will save you money, keep employees safe and increase the security of your building. Call us at (561)775-3299 to request a consultation today.