Keep your car cool, and your passengers comfortable.

Whether your set of wheels is a massive RV or a sleek, chic convertible, KAUFF’s Tint can provide a custom look that will keep your interior cool and your passengers comfortable. All of KAUFF’s films come with a hard-coated finish for years of longevity, along with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of vehicle window tint.

It Blocks UV Rays

Proper tinting can work wonders during the warm summer months, reducing your need to blast the A/C. What’s more, tint can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer–the most common form of cancer affecting more than 3.5 million people per year. It’s a widely-known fact among dermatologists that American patients have a higher level of sun damage on the left side of their faces and their left arms. You guessed it–it happens over years and years of driving in the car. Vehicle tint can block these damaging rays, which also cause wrinkles, leathery skin and age spots.

Tint protects your skin–but it also acts like a sunscreen for your car. The sun’s rays can do a number on car upholstery; tint reduces cracking and fading to your interior. Because it decreases your dependence on air conditioning, tint can help extend the life of your car’s HVAC system.

It Promotes Safer Driving

Automotive window tint reduces annoying glare from sun, snow and oncoming headlights that can be a distraction to drivers. Thanks to your tint, you won’t have to squint, preventing potentially dangerous mistakes behind the wheel.

It Looks Great

Window tint comes in a variety of colors and styles to complement any make or model of vehicle. Just imagine how stylish and classy your sedan would look with a smooth charcoal tint. Our films look elegant and add style to any vehicle, at the same time safeguarding your privacy.

It Protects Your Privacy

Resourceful thieves are always peeking into car windows as they walk through parking lots, looking for opportunities for a quick smash and grab. Automotive tinting increases privacy, hiding valuables from the view of would-be burglars.

It’s Low Maintenance

The experts at KAUFF’s will give you specific guidance on how long to wait before cleaning your vehicle windows after the initial film placement. The optimal time frame can be anywhere from a few days to a month, depending on the type of tint.
Tinted vehicle windows are best cleaned with non-bleach glass cleaner and a paper towel. A small spoonful of liquid dish soap mixed with a quart of water works well also. Use a squeegee or a soft cloth to dry. Avoid brushes with bristles and gritty sponges, which may scratch the tint.

All of our automotive window tint products come with an excellent warranty, and we guarantee a bubble-free, wrinkle-free installation. Call us at (561)775-3299 to request a consultation today.